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Before It’s Too Late,

Thinning of snow and rising sea levels because of hot temperatures have made the Earth unbearable. Yet many of us still need help moving to Mars; after all, living outside Earth is expensive, and secondly, the planet it’s not less than a desert now.

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before it’s too late climate book
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About The Author

Dean Khater

Dean Khater is a long-time publisher and researcher in many areas, from IT to Political and Environmental Studies. He graduated from a reputable law school but has yet to practice law.

Dean used to own computer and software publications for about twenty years. Recently, he started studying climate change to find the core cause and solution. After years of studying, Dean decided to share some solutions he learned by publishing his first book, Before It’s Too Late, Climate.

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before it’s too late climate book

Dean Khater’s Chapters

Before It’s Too Late, Climate

In this book, you will come across guidelines for commoners and government officials to make the earth a green habitat. Considering climate change threatens our future, eco-friendly and innovative solutions are crucial. We must remember every small step counts in our global fight against this crisis. Here is the official preview of the chapters;

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Before It’s Too Late,

We all know the gravity of climate change and how it affects human life and our environment; this is why every small step counts in our global fight. This book encompasses all the possible solutions for the worldwide issue, it may not completely eradicate the problem, but it will reduce the danger.

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before it’s too late climate book

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Before It’s Too Late, Climate

Hey readers!  Please watch the video provided to learn more about the book ‘Before It’s Too Late, Climate’ and the author, Dean Khater.

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